Monday, 13 February 2017

A new look, if you like

I nearly called this, 'A New Dawn', but dawn isn't very evident in this background image is it? Whether this new look will pass muster I don't know, but perhaps it reflects the dark or otherworldly themes we've often touched on - or wholeheartedly embraced! - in our writing. Not that we are all into tales of the supernatural, let alone horror fiction. But to a greater or lesser degree we do seem to be drawn to areas where reality bleeds into something else. Is that pretentious? Probably :)  If you think about it, this is the natural state of fiction anyway. In simply inventing a plot, employing a narrative running to a conclusion, you're already bending away from reality. But we're human, and we can't help imposing patterns on things.

Let's try another tack. The times are dark, and one's writing can't help but reflect that. In fact, recent shifts in the historical tides could well make one feel we live in the end of times. Let us all wallow in the bleak... or go to the other extreme, and let hope shine a light.

To put it another way, so so necessarily after all that waffle, we may actually be about to embark on producing another collection of our fiction. It has been a long while! And some of us have been 'talking a good match' for far too long. *cough* It'll be interesting to see if this blog site livens up at all...

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